Current Production

This classic Kiwi comedy, produced by Tadpole Productions, is directed by Janice Finn and will be performed at the PumpHouse Theatre in Takapuna from 8th to 18th November.

“The only thing I like is teaching, and there’s less and less of that”.  So says overweight and unfit Head PE teacher Laurie, at low decile school Hautapu High. Fed up with the constant assessments and obsessive box ticking set up by ultra PC headmistress Viv Cleaver, he and his assistant Pat, a former student, now gym teacher, do their best to subvert Viv’s over-earnest, te reo heavy curriculum.  They’re unaware that Viv is about to introduce young Maori student teacher, Annie, into their laissez-faire culture.  She is an ace netball player, a born-again Christian and determined to make her mark in the new school culture. The ensuing conflict is both wonderfully funny and affecting as people’s strongly held beliefs are challenged, serious truths are exposed, and love has a way of upsetting all apple carts!

Played by Paul Glover, Louise Wallace, Alexander Walker and Valeria Davis, the dysfunctional team of teachers embody people we all know – love them or despair of them!  Dave Armstrong has written a play full of satire, rude innuendo, belly laughs and heart.